Weight Loss Courses

When it comes to weight loss, what works for one person, has little to no effect on a second person, and can actually make a third person worse.

Promoters of popular diets encounter this scenario at some point: They read something in the news and how it was successful in helping people. They put it forward to a client and it works wonderfully, but then when recommending the same protocol to another client, they discover that it fails. The problem is: many people follow “hear-say” or recommend what worked for them (which may not work for someone else), leaving out the person’s unique situation and nutrient needs. Most of us can relate to this. It is exactly the same experience of the person trying to lose weight by trying a friend’s successful weight-loss system, only to find that it causes her to gain weight instead. It is the experience of the weekend warrior who encounters intense cravings on the revolutionary low-carb diet that her work colleague is enjoying rich success with.

It is not possible to offer one single weight loss protocol for everyone. Why? Because everyone’s biochemistry is different. Even between people within the same family and with similar genetics! There is no “universal” diet plan that is right for absolutely everyone. And that’s actually good news. It means that we need to look at the individual and evaluate what works for that individual specifically.

For that reason, scientific research is moving towards a more individualized approach, and the primary application of personalized weight loss has been formulated into specific evaluation systems and proprietary methodologies developed through our practice. To achieve your weight loss goals, you must give your body the specific foods and nutrients that are inherently necessary to you and your current metabolism, and have a tailored plan that works for (and not against) your body.

Using our Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner’s , we utilize science-based tools available through our techniques to  evaluate intake requirements and pinpoint the unique needs of each individual, understand their eating psychology and provide personalized nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support their weight loss journey.

So what do your weight loss courses entail?

Each course gives you:

  • access to your own Lvl 5 Advanced Weight Loss Specialist
  • Personalized meal plans and healthy shopping lists
  • Personalized exercise plans
  • Environmental stimulus control
  • Accountability through weekly check ins
  • Self monitoring guidelines to help provide progress reports so program can be updated where necessary



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