Weight Loss Course

Our most popular courses designed to help you reach your target weight- working with one of our Level 5 Weight loss practitioners.

You will learn about nutrition and will work with your Weight loss practitioner who will  help you to understand the key principles of a healthy diet, creating a plan that not only fits your life but that will help continue to get you results.

Exercise programs will be created for you to follow for the duration of your course, with weekly check ins with your Trainer to help asses your progress and develop your program around you.

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Online 121 Personal Training


Retreat Aftercare

Fitness retreats have become the answer for people looking to make a change in their life. And usually an ideal place to eat healthier and lose weight.

The problem for most people is once their retreats ends. They come back and fall back into old habits undoing all their hard work from the retreat.

The aftercare program helps create an environment for our clients in which they can, not only keep the results but continue to improve on them.


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Detox Special

Accountability 101

One of the most important factors to achieving your goals is accountability. Therefore we decided to offer this as a service on its own…

Whether you need help with your diet or your exercise regime updating then this option might be perfect for you.

Weekly check ins with your trainer will not only give you the tools with which to get great results but will help you maintain those results and continue to improve on them



Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme

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Nutrition and Dietary supplements

Another main component of the Lifestyle clinic is diet.  Working with one of our Level 5 Dietary Supplement Advisers we are able to provide detailed nutritional advice for you.

Why us?

With access to your own private weight loss and nutritional expert from anywhere in the world, The Lifestyle Clinic is the most portable clinic available and allows you to take your results everywhere you go.


Next Steps…

Email us to today and tell us what you need and one of our weight loss and nutritional experts will be able to discuss with you the best possible course for you.

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