Retreat AfterCare

Fitness retreats have become the answer for people looking to make a change in their life. And usually an ideal place to eat healthier and lose weight.

The problem for most people is once their retreats ends. They come back and fall back into old habits undoing all their hard work from the retreat.

The aftercare program helps create an environment for our clients in which they can, not only keep the results but continue to improve on them.

Working with your own Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, we will be able to help you get settled back into the usual challenges of life. Developing your program around you.

Using Scientifically backed research and working with hundreds of clients all over the world. We found that long term weight loss clients are successful for one key reason. They continued with certain behaviours that helped them with their initial weight loss. Thus, we have created the After-Care program to reflect this.

So, what does the After-Care program contain?

The Aftercare program will provide our clients with access to our amazing Weight loss specialists. Using our initial consultation and follow up weekly check ins to help develop your understanding of progressive weight loss. Using our app you will have access to a host of useful tools on your continued weight loss journey and all of this will be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

The initial consultation will allow us to learn more about you and your time at the camp and thus create:

  • Personalised meal structures and continued nutritional support
  • Personalised Exercise programs
  • Environmental stimulus control

Continued accountability is provided throughout the duration of your program to continually develop and update your programs.  Along with Self-monitoring (e.g. weekly or bi weekly self-weigh ins) so that progress can be checked, and adjustments made where necessary.

On average it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic. It is for this reason that our aftercare program is 10 weeks long. (with options of extended subscriptions available)

You’ve taken your first steps on your weight loss journey now let us help you to continue to improve.



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